House in United States

09/11/2011 - 09/30/2011

Contract types:
- Home Exchange

Can accomodate: 2
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 1

Owner's description:
2 year old smaller home in adult community; full kitchen facilities; yard maintenance taken care of; clubhouse facilities; car use negotiable. Would appreciate care of 2 older indoor cats.

Neighborhood information:
Property is in suburban area of Northern Virginia, close to Washington D.C., many attractions, museums,concert halls, restaurants. 3-4 hours to nearby beaches, 4 hours from New York City.

   Nearest City: Ashburn VA
   Nearest airport: Very close to Dulles International Airport.
   Nearest place to eat: Various

Owners rules:
- Please, no smokers
- Please, no pets

Owner's comments:
Clubhouse with indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, exercise facility.

About the owner

"Retired couple, love to travel; usually prefer being on our own rather than on a tour. Traded houses (and car)with couple in Netherlands some years ago. Interested in northern Italy Lake District, and/or Croatia. One person speaks a little Italian."

Spoken Languages:

Number of people in a party:2
No children in party
No smoker in party
No pet in party

Wants to go to:

    Any time

    Any time

    Any time

User's last visit: 2011-01-05

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