Apartment in Canada

Any time

Contract types:
- Home Exchange

Can accomodate: 3
Number of bedrooms: 1
Number of bathrooms: 1

Car available for exchange

Owner's description:
Our quiet, light filled apartment is right on Commercial Drive, Vancouver's most walkable international and bohemian neighborhood. Enjoy mild and sunny summer weather, swimmable beaches, and mountain hiking while staying in a quirky urban area. Public transport is excellent and close by, and we can include our hybrid car. And because of our schedules, there's a good chance it's available any time from May to August. We can also do weekend exchanges any time of year for nearby locations. The apartment is humble, but still, we think, quite nice. It's a walkup on the third floor, which means there's lots of sunlight, privacy, and extra safety. Views are quite decent, with beautiful sunset views in the summer. The kitchen is well appointed, but no dishwasher. There's wireless internet, a desktop mac, flatscreen tv, a cd player set up to play music wirelessly with itunes, quite a lot of books, a decently sized porch set up for al fresco meals, a gloriously comfortable natural latex bed with high quality organic linens & duvet, and even an extensive essential oil collection for diffusing. It's located right in the middle of the length of the Drive, so you're relatively close to everything in the neighborhood, and a block away from the main street, so it's relatively quiet.

Home features:
- Car Available
- On-site Parking
- Internet Connection
- Computer

Neighborhood information:
We are very lucky to live here. Vancouver is a lovely place to be, especially in the late spring and summer. Summer temperatures are mild, yet the weather is virtually guaranteed to be sunny in July and August. Commercial Drive is one of Vancouver's famous neighborhoods, both for its quirky alternative character, and as Vancouver's "Little Italy." It's as walkable as a small town, with shops, international food, live music, numerous parks, and a fantastic farmer's market in Trout Lake Park every Saturday, which is a 15 minute walk from this apartment--Trout Lake also offers quite decent swimming. The Skytrain to downtown and an express bus to other interesting areas are a 10 minute walk away. "Car free days" are street-wide festivals that occur several times throughout the summer. The Lantern Festival, and the Parade of Lost Souls are festivals that take place on the Drive. While everything is accessible by public transit, If you have a car or use ours, including our on site parking, many locations become even easier to get to. Vancouver's greatest offering is in the natural attractions surrounding the city. The beaches of Stanley Park are beautiful, swimmable and clean, and we can tell you which one is never crowded--these are a 20 minute drive or 30 minute transit ride away. There are innumerable walks and hikes in the area, along seawalls, in parks, mountains, and old growth forests. There are many other athletic attractions; tennis courts in local parks, and kayak rentals everywhere. If you come in the winter, skiing or snowshoeing are only 40 minutes away. Victoria is a fun and easy day trip.

   Nearest airport: YVR
   Territory type:
     - Urban

Place attractions:
- Beaches
- Fine Restaurants
- Galleries/Museums
- Shopping
- Parks
- Public Golf/Tennis
- Skiing
- Theatres
- Historical Sites

Owners rules:
- Please, no smokers
- Please, no pets

About the owner

"We are a Bosnian and American (New Yorker) couple. Gordan is a university instructor, Sasha is a housewife. Sasha did many home exchanges with her family, living in Paris for a year this way."

Spoken Languages:
Hindi, Serbian, Croatian, French, English

Number of people in a party:2
No children in party
No smoker in party
No pet in party

Wants to go to:

    May 2010 - August 2010

    November 1999 - November 1999

    United States
    Any time

    United States
    Any time

    United States
    May 2010 - August 2010

    United States
    May 2010 - August 2010

    May 2011 - August 2011

User's last visit: 2010-03-15

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