Cottage/Chalet in Russia

Any time

Contract types:
- Home Exchange

Can accomodate: 3
Number of bedrooms: 3
Number of bathrooms: 1

Owner's description:
I have small appartament in Saint-Petersburg and a house 60 rm far from Saint-Petersburg. So if you want to be in Saint-Petersburg you can live in our appartament. But if your choice is a country-life you can go to a beautiful hose in a forest. Also I have a russian bath-house there. Additionally I can give you a car with a driver.

About the owner

"Our family like to travel. We are - ilya (33 y.o.), Marina (28 y.o) and Alina (4 y.o)"

Spoken Languages:
Russian, English, Polish

Number of people in a party:2
Childrens in party
No smoker in party
No pet in party

Wants to go to:

    August 2009 - September 2009


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