Cottage/Chalet in United States


Contract types:
- Home Exchange

Can accomodate: 6
Number of bedrooms: 2
Number of bathrooms: 3

Owner's description:
Our home is 15 miles from the Gulf Shores beaches and attractions. It's a nice comfortable home with a pool.

   Nearest City: Gulf Shores
   Nearest airport: Mobile or Pensacola
   Nearest place to eat: Lambert's Cafe
   Territory type:
     - Ocean/Beach

Place attractions:
- Beaches

Owners rules:
- Please, no smokers
- Please, no pets

About the owner

"My husband and I are in our 40's and have been married 5 years. We love to travel and this seems like the perfect plan for our budget!"

Spoken Languages:

Number of people in a party:2
No children in party
No smoker in party
No pet in party

Wants to go to:

    United States
    Any time

User's last visit: 2007-03-25

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